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11 November 2015

A volley v Bradford, World Cups, a blonde fringe & more

YOUR first day at school, pair of shoes, car, holiday abroad with friends, time you were in trouble or even your first embarrassing moment.

Now, in this new weekly feature on, the Baggies players will give us an insight into their firsts.

Callum McManaman kicked things off last week, and next up is Craig Dawson.

So, Craig, what was your first…

Memory of football?

Probably playing in the back garden with my big brother. We used to be out there for hours kicking the ball around.

Goal you remember scoring?

The one I will say is my first professional goal. It was in a cup game for Rochdale against Bradford City with a volley.

Thing you do when you get to the stadium on a matchday?

I get all of my drinks and nutrition ready so that I am prepared for the game ahead.

Pair of boots?

Adidas World Cups. Probably the most standard pair of black and white boots that you can buy. I would have only been very young, maybe six or seven.


It was a guy who I was with at Rochdale called Matty Flynn. He is a great lad and I am still very much in contact with him now.


It was a little black Ford Fiesta. I had it for a few years and it was a great little car. When it was time to change I was quite sad to let it go.


Keith Hill at Rochdale. Both he and his assistant David Flitcroft worked very hard with me and put plenty of effort into improving me as a player. I am very grateful for their influence and help.

Time you realised you had a chance of becoming a professional?

As a kid I was always hoping but it was probably playing semi-pro football with Radcliffe Borough when I was about 18. I had a few professional teams sniffing around and I realized that there was an opportunity to progress. I knew that if I knuckled down and worked hard I would have a chance. 

Albion game?

It was away at Swansea it was a really difficult game and we ended up losing. Although it was disappointing not to win the match, it was my first Premier League and Albion appearance so it is one that I will always remember.

Foreign country you visited?

France. We used to go there every year as a family and it used to be a really good holiday. We would always be out on the bikes, playing football or cricket. Any sport, you name it, we were playing it on that holiday. 

Expensive thing you bought?

It was probably my car, the Ford Fiesta. I had been saving up for ages and buying a car was something that I had wanted to do for a long time. After a few months of looking I finally found the right one.

First person to text you after a game?

It’s always my girlfriend to be honest, she is very supportive like that.


I copied my older brother. He had a really long blonde fringe and looking back now it wasn’t the best, but as a ten-year-old it looked ok.

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