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25 November 2015

Snake, taunts from team-mates, Majorca and more

Fresh from making his 300th appearance for the Club, Chris Brunt is next in the hot seat to reveal some of his firsts. 

So, Brunty, what was your first…

Memory of football?

Playing in the back garden with my cousin as a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland. We would be out there for hours and wouldn’t really ever come in until it was dark.

Goal you remember scoring?

That’s a tough one. It’s too far back to remember my first goal so I’ll just have to say one that I scored for my school team. I think I scored quite a few for them.

Thing you do when you get to the stadium on a matchday?

I’m not getting any younger so I like to get in nice and early and see the masseurs so I am in the best possible condition for the game.

Albion game?

It was against Barnsley in 2007 shortly after I had signed. I came on as a second-half substitute and we won the game 2-0, so it was nice to start my Albion career on a winning note. 

Holiday with friends?

I went to Majorca when I was about 18 with a group of mates. We had booked to go for two weeks but I could only stay for seven days because I had to go home for a hernia operation.

Expensive thing you bought?

My first car. It was a Volkswagen Polo.


I was a Manchester United fan growing up so Ryan Giggs was a big hero of mine. He was one of their best players for a long time and it is incredible what he has achieved in the game.

Film you saw at the cinema?

I remember my parents taking me to see one of the Hook films when I was younger. I quite enjoyed it.

Time you were in trouble?

I used to get into trouble at school for climbing up on the roof to collect the footballs that my mates and I had whacked up there during lunchtimes.

Thing you do when you leave training?

It depends what time it is and what day it is to be totally honest. I don’t really have a set routine. It’s not very exciting, I’ll either head home and sort a few bits out or pick my boys up from school.

Mobile phone?

I had a Nokia as my first phone. I forget what model it was but I do know that it had Snake on it. I used to love playing Snake, it was a great game.

Person to take the mick out of you when something goes wrong?

That’s such an easy one. It is always either Mozza or Gareth. They don’t let me get away with anything.

Sports day?

I remember we had to go round to the sports centre for our sports days at school. I used to do pretty much all of the events.

Hair style?

I have had a few bad ones to be fair. I had the generic bowl cut that your parents give you as a youngster. Another embarrassing one was having most of my head shaved, but I kept the fringe quite long. Apart from them my style hasn’t really changed much over the last few years.

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