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These are a few of my favourite things – Jack Rose

20 May 2015

Robben, a broken arm, Hunters chicken and much more

WE put our young goalkeeper under the spotlight this week, where he gave some intriguing responses to our questions.

So, Jack, what is your favourite…?

Moment in football?

Watching England beat Germany 5-1 when I was about six or seven.

Save you have ever made?

I made a save in the FA Youth Cup a couple of seasons ago when we played Reading at their place. The lad ran through clear on goal in injury time but I managed to make a stop. The final whistle blew seconds after that and we won the game 2-1. I remember all of the lads running over to hug me and congratulate me.

Save you have ever seen?

Fozzy made one for Blues to deny Daniel Sturridge. It was ridiculous, almost as if his arm had grown and stretched so much that he was able to claw the ball away. Everyone thought it was going in.

Game that you have been involved in?

Winning at Old Trafford a couple of weeks ago. Just to be part of the squad was an amazing experience. The lads were buzzing in the dressing room after and the atmosphere was great. Our fans were superb that day too.

Player of all time?

Arjen Robben, just because he is one tricky guy.

Away ground?

St James’ Park. Whenever I watch Newcastle play there it always seems so loud and the atmosphere is fantastic. The culture up there seems to be totally different, it is just all football, football, football.

Football kit owned as a boy?

I had a Barcelona kit when I was in year six which I liked.

World Cup memory?

Celebrating England goals at the World Cup. I went crazy when England played against Italy last summer because I thought Raheem Sterling had scored, but sadly the ball hit the side-netting. 

Childhood memory of football?

I think it would be just playing football in the back garden. I was a centre-back as a young lad when I first started, but I always used to play in goal in the garden. My dad actually broke my arm once, he won’t mind me saying that. He couldn’t score past me, so he blasted the ball and it broke my arm. I still saved the shot though!

Childhood memory?

It’s probably just meeting up with mates after school and taking jumpers and a ball to the park and playing for hours. We would play games like headers and volleys and Wembley, stuff like that.

Lesson at school?

That would be PE.


Cat. I have two called Millie and Mouse.


Royal Blue.


Red Bull.


Hunters chicken and chips.


The Metro Bar in Solihull.

Chocolate bar?

Dairy Milk.

Holiday destination?

Portugal, I have been there a few times.


I don’t really like busy places so I don’t really like the city centre. I prefer being out in the countryside if I am totally honest.


The Book of Eli.

TV show?


Sport other than football?

Cricket. I used to play a bit when I was younger and I had trials at Warwickshire but I chose football.

Person at the club to play a prank on?

I’m not brave enough to do that kind of thing in the first-team yet!

Computer game?

FIFA 15 or Call of Duty.

Piece of advice you have ever been given?

Don’t worry about what anyone else says.

Thing to do to relax away from football?

Just chill out and play on my PS4.


It isn’t my favourite song, but I always have a good laugh with my Grandad, Terry, when this is on. Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.


Lamborghini Aventador.

Foreign football team?

Bayern Munich.

And finally… your favourite thing about being at Albion?

I get to play football every day, simple. 

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