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These are a few of my favourite things – Boaz Myhill

8 May 2015

Nike Magista’s, Golf, a broken garage or two and much more

FRESH from his heroic display at Old Trafford on Saturday, Boaz Myhill faced our questions as we quizzed him on his favourite things.

So, Boaz, what is your favourite…?

Moment in football?

I love the feeling after a match when you win and you get three points. 

Save you have ever made?

I made a save once when I was playing for Hull against Villa at Villa Park. Gabby Agbonlahor had a shot which I saved with my face and the ball went over the bar.

Game that you have been involved in?

The Play-Off Final for Hull in 2008 when we beat Bristol City to win promotion to the Premier League.

Player of all time?

Messi, especially after his performance against Bayern the other night, wow!

Away ground?

Anfield, purely because of the atmosphere and the history.

Pair of boots?

Nike Magista’s, they’re very comfortable. I am wearing Orange ones at the minute.

World Cup memory?

Just watching any of the finals really, I wouldn’t say that I have one specific one.

Childhood memory of football?

Kicking football’s against the garage at my Mum’s house. She turns up at my house now and launches stuff at my garage doors because I broke all of hers!

Childhood memory?

When I first started playing football with all my friends.

Lesson at school?

Maths, I liked maths.


I have a goldfish at home so I would have to say them.


I’m colour blind, so I don’t have a favourite colour.


Amaretto and coke.


Steak or ribs.


Fumo in Birmingham, I love it.

Chocolate bar?

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

Holiday destination?

Italy, I have been there more than I have been anywhere else.


It’s not really a film, it’s a film documentary. The Ayrton Senna one, that was fantastic. Really enjoyed it.

TV show?

I love watching the golf when it is on.

Sport other than football?

Definitely golf.

Person at the club to play a prank on?

I’d love to play a prank on Gards but the retribution would be terrible!

Piece of advice you have ever been given?

Stay on your damn line Boaz.

Thing to do to relax away from football?

Play golf, I love my golf.


Wonderwall by Oasis.


Again, Oasis.


I am driving an Audi at the moment and it is lovely to drive. The only problem is that it is a little bit too small to fit my golf clubs in.

Foreign football team?


And finally… your favourite moment in an Albion top?

I think I’ll have to say last weekend’s win at Old Trafford against Manchester United. Saving the penalty from RVP was pretty special too.

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