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Kemp: This club needs a winning mentality

12 March 2015

Albion No.2 sets Baggies target

Hawthorns joint assistant head coach David Kemp speaks exclusively in this Saturday's Albion News.

The following is an extract from the interview.


...A new broom swept into The Hawthorns with the arrival of the new year, but it’s always interesting to see what the outside view is of the club. What was Dave’s view of the Throstles before he got here?
“Before you come into West Bromwich Albion, the view from outside is that it’s a good, strong football club, great tradition, good fans, there are a lot of positives about it. Having been here a couple of months now, it lives up to that reputation when you’re on the inside. 
“But if there’s one thing we want to change about it, it’s to give the football club a winning mentality. Without being unkind, whatever team I’ve been at over the years, I’ve always felt that, although Albion have always had good players and played good football, you always felt like you’d got a chance of beating them. 
“Our attitude over the period ahead is that we want to play good football, but we want to win as well, we want the other team wishing they weren’t up against West Bromwich Albion this week. That’s the most obvious thing that we are working to change here. 
“We’ve made some progress, but you’re not going to do it overnight, it takes time. What has impressed all of us has been the reaction of the fans. If you go back to the Southampton game a fortnight ago, you could see they were buying into it. 
“They could see the players were having a right go and I think they responded to that. As we’ve found out, unfortunately it doesn’t mean you are going to win every game but if the team is giving it everything, doing the best they can whatever the circumstances, I think supporters will react positively to that..."


The full interview can be read in Albion News, the club’s magazine that just happens to come out on matchdays - now on sale at more locations than ever.

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