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Foster already planning return

28 March 2015

Albion goalkeeper begins his rehab

BEN Foster has circled in October on his calendar as the month for his potential return as he prepares for several months of rehabilitation from major knee surgery.

The Throstles goalkeeper was back at the training ground this week after undergoing an operaiton on his left knee.

Foster suffered cruciate damage in Albion's 1-0 win against Stoke City.

Despite the setback, Foster was remarkably upbeat this week, focusing on his eventual return in 2015/16 - not least as he has suffered two similar injuries to his right knee in the past.

"I feel really good all things considered," said Foster. 

"It was a big shock to learn I'd done it but the operation was a complete success. 

"It's as good as it could be given the injury it is. If there is ever a good time to get such an injury it's now where you know a good part of your recovery will be during a period where there are no games."

He continued: "I know what to expect. I've been here before. You can't push cruciates - you have to do six months. That's a must.

"There is no chance of coming back early so I know it's at least October before I return. You follow the guidelines of what the physio says and take it from there.

"October would be the six month target so fingers crossed it will be around then."

Speaking about the incident, Foster added: "I had a collision with Peter Crouch and even now I'm thinking 'what on earth are doing challenging Peter Crouch...?' - it was stupid on my part. 

"I got knocked in the air when I went for the ball so it spun me around and I lost my sense of where I was. 

"As I landed I did so on a straight leg, which is always a no no because you want some bend in the leg to cushion in. 

"You can see from replays that my knee buckled and I just heard this pop as I landed. I couldn't feel my leg or my knee and it kept giving way. It shut off completely. I hoped I had only jarred it but it became pretty obvious it was worse than that.

"I went for a scan last week which wasn't conclusive so I had it in my head that it wasn't right and plus the knee felt unstable and loose.

"It is what it is. You can't get upset or worry about it too much. You have to stay positive and look towards getting a full rehab."

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