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Baggie Shorts: 29.01.15

29 January 2015

A week in the life of Baggie Shorts

THE weekend is nigh, the Premier League returns and so too does Baggie Shorts.

Our left-of-centre look at all things Albion is back for another light-hearted dose of irreverence.

So pull up a chair, put your feet up and allow us to tickle you with a plume of feathers (a Throstle's feathers, of course)


ALBION'S influence reaches far and wide and we hold within our hands the power to change world events.

So it was last week when youthful media department hotshot Gez Mulholland, international cheerleader wrangler (all will be revealed in Saturday's game with Spurs) took a random call to the press office from Saudi Arabia.

Over the course of the conversation, the offer was extended to him to spread the word on the Throstles by going live on Saudi television. 

A shy, retiring soul, Gez made his excuses and left, leaving a void in the centre of the schedules.

A day later, King Abdullah passed away. Some say he died of a broken heart…


SEEING as the transfer window is in full swing, it's good to see our friends at Sky Sports News whipping themselves up into a frenzy.

It was during one transfer deadline day at the turn of the decade when SSN announced that our then centre half Abdoulaye Meite was inside the Hull City training ground undergoing a medical.

This would have been an impressive scoop - had it not been for the fact that the giant Ivorian defender was, in fact, sat in the canteen, choking on his lunch at the news that he was in the process of being 'sold'. (He wasn't)

The TV channel were forced into an embarrassing climbdown in quicker time than it takes to say: "It was Ibrahima Sonko."


CONGRATULATIONS to Walsall on reaching a Wembley final for the first time in their history this week. 

Albion News was there in the company of our one-time Australian goalkeeper Simon Miotto - don't ask - and was delighted at the success of former Throstles, scattered throughout the Saddlers side. 

The following morning, in discussion with veteran Albion lensman Laurie Rampling, the virtues of the Chambers boys, Adam and James, were being extolled. 

"Great to see them at Wembley," said Laurie. "Been around a while now those boys. James must be how old now?"

"The same as Adam...they're twins." responded the programme editor.


YOU need nerves of steel if you write a football programme, for you never know who you might unwittingly upset with an offhand comment (hello Gary!) 

It now transpires you need legs of asbestos too. Our intrepid correspondent having been blocked in at the training ground car park on Monday, Muhammad had to come to the mountain and so It was that Tony Brown came here to be interviewed for his column. 

We made him feel at home of course, providing him with a fresh cup of the finest machine latte. Underlining why he was a master goalscorer, rather than a goalkeeper, he promptly spilt the entire contents down the right leg of the programme editor. 

Whether this was a comment on the coffee, the programme, or both, we cannot say. In the meantime, follow Albion News on twitter @wbafcprogramme.


And on that note, see you soon.

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