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Albion News: Tony Pulis interview

8 January 2015

Breakfast with Mr Pulis

THE Good Book – that’s the Bible, not Albion News, though I understand your confusion – tells us that all men are created equal. Life then goes on to teach us that some are more equal than others, in a multitude of different ways.

That is undeniably true of Albion’s new Head Coach, Tony Pulis. He’s one of those people that has a presence about him, a certain charisma that makes people listen when he talks and stay on their toes when they know that he’s around. 

Over the last week or so, since his arrival at the club, a charge of electricity has gone through the training ground, the like of which we haven’t felt since Roy Hodgson’s time here – and that means no disrespect to those who followed in the England manager’s footsteps, good, hardworking, diligent men all of them.

But Pulis is different. He comes complete with a reputation that precedes him, both in terms of achievements and manner. The air around the building crackles with an interesting mixture of psychological chemicals at present. You can sense a genuine desire to please him, generated by the easy charm he has about him, but you can also feel real respect, mixed, let’s not be coy about it, with a little bit of fear of upsetting a man who suffers fools not all and is not in the business of wasting much time in taking prisoners either.

He is one of those force of nature characters that you occasionally come across, blessed with a seemingly inexhaustible core of energy. This interview was conducted before eight in the morning as he knocked seven bells out of a rowing machine in the training ground gym – your intrepid correspondent did not join him – prior to another full-on day devoted to transforming the fortunes of the Throstles in double quick time. 

*A full interview with Tony Pulis can be read in Saturday's Albion News. You know it makes sense...

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