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These are a few of my favourite things – Cristian Gamboa

12 February 2015

Maradona, ‘Gallo Pinto’, Call of Duty and so much more

THIS week it is the turn of our Costa Rica international Cristian Gamboa to face the questions.

So, Cristian, what is your favourite…

Moment in football?

The World Cup this year was brilliant, it was great for me and for my country. Just to be there was amazing.

Goal you have ever scored?

Well I have only ever scored two goals in my career, one of those was for Costa Rica against Guyana in a World Cup qualifier. It was quite a good goal so I will go with that one.

Goal you have ever seen?

Marco Van Basten’s goal against USSR for Holland in the Euro 1988 final.

Game that you have been involved in?

Costa Rica played Holland in the quarter-finals of the World Cup last summer, we lost on penalties but it was fantastic to be involved in a World Cup quarter-final.

Player of all time?

Maradona just about pips Messi for me.

Away ground?

It was really nice to play against Liverpool at Anfield. When I was younger I would watch teams like Liverpool on TV, so to then play there was really special.

Football kit owned as a boy?

The one of my former club, Liberia. It is special for me because it is my home town.

Pair of boots?

I had a plain black pair that just said ‘Pele’ on the bottom of them. They weren’t very good and they were quite cheap but those are the first pair that I remember.

World Cup memory?

When we scored the final penalty against Greece in the second-round of the World Cup in Brazil. Costa Rica normally only play in the group stages of competitions so to reach the quarter-finals was special and we made history.

Childhood memory of football?

Playing in the street with my cousin. My whole family lived on the one street, if you wanted to know where the Gamboa family were people would say to visit this one street. Running around the street with no shoes on playing football was really nice because we didn’t care about anything or have any worries.

Childhood memory?

My mother, because whenever I did something wrong it was always my second name that would get called, Esteban. It was funny when she would call me Esteban, because I knew that I was going to be I trouble.

Lesson at school?

I think I will say Sport.






I’m going to stay with the water.


My mother’s ‘Gallo Pinto’ which is a traditional Costa Rican dish. It is something that you eat for breakfast and is mince and rice with a special Costa Rican sauce. It is lovely!


I have to say my mother’s kitchen!

Chocolate bar?


Holiday destination?

My home town, Liberia in Costa Rica. It is wonderful!


Any of the Rocky films.

TV show?

I really like Game of Thrones.

Sport other than football?


Computer game?

Call of Duty.

Thing to do to relax away from football?

I like to go fishing in my spare time.


A song called ‘Reggeaton’.


I really enjoy Franco De Vita’s music, he is a South American singer.


Range Rover. I would love to have one!

Book or magazine?

I must admit I don’t read any books or magazines!

Foreign football team?


And finally… your favourite thing about Albion?

The people who work for the club, everyone is very nice here and has made me feel very welcome.

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