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These are a few of my favourite things - Chris Brunt

4 February 2015

Promotion, Giggs, Snow Patrol, Mexican food and so much more

INTRODUCING the first instalment of our new weekly feature, where Albion’s players and staff reveal some of their favourite things.

We start with the skipper, Chris Brunt.

So Brunty, without further ado, what is your favourite… 

Moment in football?

Probably getting promoted to the Premier League for the first time with Albion because you always dream of playing in the Premier League.

Goal you have ever scored?

It would probably have to be the one against Southampton the same night that we got promoted to the Premier League for the first time. It’s probably not the best goal I have ever scored but it is certainly the one that meant the most.

Goal you have ever seen?

Robin Van Persie’s goal against Aston Villa in 2013 when Manchester United won the league. I remember shouting “what a goal” at the time.

Game that you have been involved in?

I was on the bench the night Northern Ireland beat England in Belfast. I didn’t play but it was one of those one-off moments that will probably not happen again for a long time.

Player of all time?

Probably Ryan Giggs. I was a Manchester United fan growing up, so getting the chance to play against him when I became a professional is something that I will always remember. I had the chance to play against him a few times, and he was always a really good guy too.

Away ground?

I like Anfield. I find the older stadiums better for atmosphere.

Football kit owned as a boy?

I had some bad ones to be fair! It would probably have to be one of the Man United kits. I had a black Sharp Viewcam one with ‘Giggs 11’ when I was about 11, and then my brother ended up with it about five years later!

Pair of boots?

When I was a kid we used to go to Rangers and they used to give us free ones so we were quite lucky. When I was young my dad always made me get boots that were made from good leather, which is totally different to now as there are so many styles of boots out there. I’d have to go with just the basic Adidas Copa Mundial’s or something similar because that’s what I wore growing up.

World Cup memory?

Probably something from when I was younger. I remember watching ‘Italia 90’ and Schillaci for Italy. When I was that age I was just obsessed with football and watched as much as I could, but when you get older the World Cup falls on your time off so I didn’t really watch too much of last summer’s tournament.

Childhood memory of football?

Man United played a friendly in Northern Ireland the once and I went along to watch. My dad knew somebody where they were training so he let us in to watch the training session one day, so that was really good and I really enjoyed it.

Childhood memory?

I really enjoyed secondary school and I still have some really good friends from there. I played hockey while I was there and we got to a few cup finals so it was good fun.

Lesson at school?

I was pretty good at languages and I really enjoyed French. The obvious one to say is P.E because everyone likes P.E, but I’d have to say French.


I’m not too sure. I’m going to say dogs because my parents have one.






Probably a Mexican dish.


Maze in London, Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant.

Chocolate bar?

I’m not a massive chocolate eater but I do like Dairy Milk Caramel.

Holiday destination?



Shawshank Redemption.

TV show?


Sport other than football?


Computer game?

Tiger Woods’ golf game.

Thing to do to relax away from football?

Watch a few films with the kids.


Pompeii, Bastille.


Snow Patrol.


Range Rover, but I’m not massively into cars.

Book or magazine?

The Da Vinci code is decent book.

Foreign football team?


And finally… your favourite moment in an Albion top?

At risk of repeating myself, the game against Southampton when we won promotion to the Premier League for the first time. But there has been a few others, being promoted the second time and also staying in the league. 

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