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Darren Fletcher, what's he like...?

5 February 2015

Albion goalkeeper gives us the lowdown on his new team-mate

ALBION players welcomed new signing Darren Fletcher this week following his deadline-day move from Manchester United.

Ben Foster is among those who knows the midfielder well following their time together at Old Trafford.

So what can Albion staff, players and supporters expect from the Scotland captain?

The goalkeeper gave us the lowdown on the 31-year-old.

Fletcher...the new signing:
"It's great for the club - he fits perfectly into the ethos of what we want here. We built our foundations on players like that - hard working, good quality, honest, a player you can rely on. Behind the scenes he will be good lad too."

Fletcher...the team-mate:
"I know him well from United. I'm so happy we signed him because of what he will bring but also because you have a good idea of the type of character you are getting. He's a good lad - a perfect fit for Albion. He's somebody we know we can rely on, a good solid citizen. He will be professional and it can only benefit the lads at the club. He captains his country and has about 350 games for Man United at a time when they were at their most dominant, winning trophies domestically and in Europe. We're happy to have him here and very lucky too."

Fletcher...the man:
"Footballers at United are not just brought up as footballers but their lives are shaped too. You don't just sign for United as a lad and have a sole focus on your football. There is more to it than that - you are taught to be men. You're brought up to have certain standards in your life, not just on the football pitch. Whether it's through college or school or even before you're a first-team player and earning a bit of money - they won't let you move out to live on your own until you've passed a cookery course, for instance. They do things like that so you know what you're cooking, what you're eating and making sure you can look after yourself. They make sure you are domesticated and that you know what you're doing off the field. That's a direct correlation in what you'll be able to do on the pitch. Their view is that if you're doing the right things off the field, it'll be reflected in what you do on the pitch. From what I know of Darren he'll have been drilled to be successful, not only in football but in all he does."

Fletcher...the Albion player:
"I'd compare him to Graham Dorrans a little bit. He's not one who's going to be shouting or berating people. But he's aggressive, a winner, he wants to tackle, win every ball, he will want to get on the ball and show what he can do. He's got that little bit of bite about him. You can be flamboyant off the field, but you need that something else on the field if you want to be a winner. United can be an intimidating: you need something about you to survive and Fletcher spent all of his career there. It makes everyone raise their standards. He will do that here - just like the gaffer has. He will raise our standard by 10 per cent. He and Callum McManaman will be excellent signings for us."

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