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9 December 2015

R9, detentions at school, Gards’ taunts & more

FRESH from scoring his first goal for the Baggies against Spurs last Saturday, we sat down with James McClean as the Republic of Ireland winger talked through several more of his firsts.

So James, what was your first…

Red card?

It was playing for Wigan away at Blackpool a couple of seasons ago. It was the most ridiculous red card ever. Their guy has elbowed me in the head and then stamped on me while I was on the ground. I jumped up and squared up to him and I got the red card. It was rescinded thankfully.

Team you played for?

Trojans FC back home, they were my local team. I was with them from Under-11s up until Under-17s.

Goal you remember scoring?

It was in a game for Trojans away to a side who played on a cow field of a pitch. It was just a toe poke from close range.

World Cup memory?

Seeing Ronaldo tear up France 98. He was unbelievable in that tournament. You could just tell in the final that he wasn’t right that was a shame.

Thing you do when you get to the stadium on a matchday?

There is normally a game on in the changing rooms so I will usually sit and watch that. I chill on my phone for a while too.

Detention at school?

There was quite a few to be fair. They didn’t really give them out in primary school so my first one would’ve been in my first year of secondary school. I was in detention quite a lot that year. The teachers used to say that I disrupted the class.

Person to text you after a game?

My mum, all day long. She still rings me about ten times a day just to see what I am doing. She’s on the phone straight away after games. I had a few missed calls off her on Saturday after scoring my goal. 


R9. Ronaldo. The Brazilian one, the best one. Absolute hero. I loved him. I remember being fascinated by him when I was watching the 1998 World Cup in France. He was the best player in the world at the time and I used to love watching him play.

Broken bone?

I’ve had a few. I have broken my arm twice and my ankle. I climbed over a fence once as a lad and I fell off. My arm broke straight away.

Expensive thing you bought?

When I was at Derry I wasn’t on a lot of money, but the one week I remember spending my weekly wage on a pair of football boots. I was skint then for a while after that.


It was an Audi A3 when I first signed for Sunderland.

Movie you watched at the cinema?

I actually do remember. When I was in primary school they took us to see Prince of Egypt, the one where Moses parts the Red Sea.

Mobile phone?

The big BT Cellnet mobile phone. It was the very first one that came out. It was a brick with an aerial on the top of it. I remember getting it one Christmas and it came as a big surprise.

Person to take the mick out of you when something goes wrong?

In football that would be Craig Gardner. It’s his daily routine.


Back in the day it was the old skinhead. Everyone had one back then. Even the teachers had skinheads at the school I went to, it was just normal.

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