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2 December 2015

Throwing darts at family, Italia 90 & much more

GARETH McAuley, who just so happens to be better than JT, is next up to reveal a number of his firsts.

The Northern Ireland international gave some interesting responses, in particular a tale about a flying dart…

So, Gaz, what was your first…

School memory?

That was so long ago now! I remember not really ever wanting to go because I had to stay inside so much.

Red Card?

That came when I was playing for Linfield against a police team. I went in for a 50/50 challenge and unfortunately the lad got hurt. Certainly learnt a lesson from that incident.

Goal you remember scoring?

I remember scoring in a County Antrim trial game when I was younger. It was a back post header. I actually scored two goals in that game which doesn’t happen very often!

World Cup memory?

The 1986 one in Mexico is a little bit too early, so I’ll go with Italia 90. There was that massive ring binder sticker collection, which I think I still have somewhere!

Pair of boots?

The very first pair I had didn’t have a make on them, but then when I got some Adidas World Cups it felt like I had won the lottery.


A Canadian goalkeeper when I was at Lincoln called Simon Rayner. We shared a house together for a while too.


I remember getting one for refusing to play rugby at grammar school would you believe. Didn’t fancy playing it.

Expensive thing you bought?

When I was younger I saved up for over a year to buy a bike.


My grandad. I used to see his Northern Ireland junior cap which was at granny’s house and I buzzed off it. He used to play football with me too when I was younger.

Thing you do when you leave training?

I usually phone a few of my mates to see if there is any craic. If not I’ll head home and have a brew and a rest.

Time you were in trouble?

I threw a dart at my sister once which got me in huge trouble as you might well imagine. I was generally a good lad and I was even more well-behaved after throwing that dart.

Person to take the mick out of you when something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong I am usually quiet angry and I’ll easily snap at people, so they know to leave me alone to calm down.

Sports day at school?

That was a clean sweep for me, I won all the events. I hear you’re not allowed to win these things now at school which seems a bit bizarre.

Hair style?

I got a skinhead once and it made my mum cry, she didn’t even recognise me! Since that day I have tended to keep a bit of hair on my head.

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