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RED CARD – Darren Fletcher

26 August 2015

The captain discusses his pet hates

WELCOME to the latest edition of Red Card. 

This is our very own Room 101 where early baths are the norm, where all things bad are given their marching orders, where there are no second chances and... we think you get the drift.

This week our guest is the skipper, Darren Fletcher.

Rule in football?

Doing flash interviews after the game. I think players are still emotional so we could say something that we may regret.

Part of the game?

Getting to the stadium too early and having to wait for the warm-up. I think you can get there too early sometimes and you are just hanging about.

Away day experience?

I went away with Scotland to Macedonia once for a World Cup qualifier in September, 2008. The heat was unbelievable, it was almost too hot to play. That can be difficult to deal with, especially when it is such an important game.

Team-mate’s fashion sense?

James McClean. He tries too hard. Some people are worse, but he tries too hard and spends a lot of money.

Team-mate’s taste in music?

Saido. The manager doesn’t like the language in it so I have had to take over the music in the dressing room. 


Cricket. I’m not a cricket fan. I have never played it and I don’t understand it.

TV show?

Love Island. It was terrible and kids shouldn’t be watching it.

Type of music?

I like all music to be fair.

Lesson at school?

Geography, I didn’t enjoy that. I had the choice between history and geography and I went for history. I found history a lot more interesting.


Snakes, I can’t even look at them. I have to turn away if they are on television. I would panic if I saw one in real life.

Cliché/common phrase? 

There are so many in football you could reel them off easily. Probably “right from the first whistle” or something similar.

Daily routine?

Traffic. Birmingham is a nightmare for traffic. The M6 is horrible.

Holiday annoyances?

Just the language barrier. I think that is down to our own ignorance really though. We could try a bit harder to break down the barrier when we go on holiday.

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