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These are a few of my favourite things – Gareth McAuley

23 April 2015

Porridge at Nan’s, John Barnes, Hamburg and much more

THIS week we caught up with a man who according to popular song, is better than JT.

So, Gareth, what is your favourite…?

Moment in football?

I have a lot of fond memories but I’m not really one for looking back. I want to keep improving so hopefully my favourite one is still to come.

Goal you have ever scored?

My goal at Anfield in 2012/13. We badly needed a win and it was also my son’s third birthday on the same day!

Goal you have ever seen?

Roberto Carlos’ 40-yard free-kick for Brazil against France. Everyone was on the streets trying to replicate it for months afterwards.

Game that you have been involved in?

In my time here we have had some good ones against top four sides, but the 5-1 win away at Wolves was pretty special.

Player of all time?

John Barnes when he was at Liverpool. I actually used to play as a wide midfielder.

Away ground?

Stamford Bridge.

Football kit owned as a boy?

A Liverpool one with Crown Paints on the front of it from the late '80s.

Pair of boots?

I love the ones that I wear at the moment, Adidas 11 Pro. They feel like a proper boot, not like the modern day flashy ones.

World Cup memory?

Big Gerry’s (Gerry Armstrong) goal for Northern Ireland against Spain in the 1982 World Cup. The goal is probably Northern Ireland’s most famous moment and I have seen it about a million times. It is about time someone else does something like that for us (Northern Ireland).

Childhood memory of football?

Climbing over the turnstiles at Larne FC or waiting for a ball to be kicked into the river and trying to pinch it.

Childhood memory?

Eating porridge at my Granny’s house every day before school.

Lesson at school?

It was art. For some reason I was able to draw and I actually have an ‘A’ at A Level.


The unbeaten Frankel. I have won a few quid off that horse over the years!


White, clean and crisp.


I don’t mind the occasional glass of Merlot.


A chicken Sunday roast.


There is a restaurant in Dubai called Zuma, it is a Japanese restaurant. Mozza told me all about it. Their ribs are a joke, they are so good.

Chocolate bar?

Cadbury’s Creations, Jelly Popping Candy.


I’m not really a big movie fan but if I had to pick one it would be The Wolf of Wall Street.

TV show?

It used to be Top Gear until a steak ruined it for everyone.

Sport other than football?

I like all sports to be honest, I played them all as a kid. I really enjoy golf but I don’t get much time to play it.

Computer game?

I’ve never been into computer games because I have always wanted to be outside.

Thing to do to relax away from football?

Anything to do with my kids, I am lucky that I get to spend a lot of time with them. My boy just wants to play football at the minute or talk about Match Attax cards.


Hardwell, Apollo, featuring Amba Shepherd.


I like progressive house and EDM so it is difficult to pick a particular artist.


Aston Martin DBS which is probably the most famous Bond car.

Book or magazine?

A magazine called Build It.

Foreign football team?


And finally… favourite piece of advice you have been given?

I have two, play the game and not the occasion and never too high never too low.

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