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Baggie Shorts: 17.04.15

17 April 2015

News from within

ANOTHER Friday, another Baggie Shorts.

This weekend we cast our minds to Crystal Palace and look back to a time where suits were wide and grey.



IT was Crystal Palace who provided the opposition for a certain other game in April.

April 21, 2002.

Albion needed to match Wolves' result at Sheffield Wednesday to win promotion.

Not everybody was convinced of Albion's credentials. Palace striker Clinton Morrison promised to help his Republic of Ireland international team-mate Mark Kennedy, who was then playing for Wolves. 

He remarked: "Mark was asking me to do him a favour and I don't really like West Brom. None of the lads in the Irish squad do. I hope Wolves go up and we can show everyone we are still a good side by helping them do it." 

Gary Megson simply reached for the Blu Tac, looked for the nearest wall and the rest was history.

Bob Taylor, speaking about the incident three years ago, said: "Clinton had come out with some rubbish during the week and the manager put the clippings on the board. Mooro put Morrison in his place before the game. He was heading off to Japan and Korea with Ireland for the World Cup and Mooro just went over, glared at him and said: 'Do you want to go to the World Cup or not?' Mooro didn't need to say any more. He just glared and that was it. Morrison barely touched the ball."

And then the party started.


Meanwhile, here's a message from our suit suppliers. Say cheese...


TOMORROW's opponents bring to mind a story of shocking proportions from many years ago.

And, Albion fans, trust us on this one - the sources down south and closer to home inform us this REALLY did happen.

Back in summer 1981, Ron Atkinson had moved to Manchester United, with rumours abound that a string of players were set to make the journey up the M6 to join him.

Albion needed a new manager. 


Among the candidates were former Baggies coach Ronnie Allen and Alan Mullery, who had recently departed his post at Brighton.

And so Albion went through the usual process of interviewing the successors to the throne until one day white smoke began to drift above the Halfords Lane.

A new manager had been chosen.

A senior club employee was summoned to the Boardroom and charged with the task of informing the lucky candidate of his new job and, subsequently, telling the media.

"Tell Allen he's got the job..." came the instruction.

Or did they mean: "Tell Alan he's got the job..."?

Yes, that's exactly who they meant.

Too late.

The call was made, the press were informed and Ronnie Allen was appointed as Baggies boss.

Mullery, the Albion-boss-who-never-was, had to seek employment elsewhere - he was appointed as Charlton manager, before moving onto Selhurst Park.

How our 1980s would have unfolded we will simply never know.


And on that note, enjoy your trip to south London.

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