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Albion News: Our biggest ever issue

9 April 2015

148 pages...with a book to boot

IT's Astle Day on Saturday – sorry, you hadn’t heard you say?

Well, it is and Albion News is bringing you something a little bit special.

We have 148 pages groaning, for the most part, with Astlemania, making this the single biggest edition of Albion News ever and, we believe, the biggest match programme ever issued for any league game in this country. 

Not only that, but it’s a double sided magnum opus to boot. “Come again?” I hear you ask. Let’s explain.

In the front section, we have a special Astle cover, fronting up all manner of goodies, like:

Tony Pulis reminding us that what Jeff Astle would want most out of the day is three points.

Chairman Jeremy Peace reflecting on the significance of Astle Day and what it means to the club and the wider game.

A message on behalf of the Astle Foundation from Dawn Astle. 

A lengthy feature on just what Jeff Astle meant to the Albion.  

We reminisce about his most controversial and funniest goal. 

We recall the King of England and ask just what Sir Alf was playing at giving him only five caps.

Tony Brown thinks back to the golden days when he and Jeff were inseparable. 

We return to the season of 2001/02 when Astle’s passing infused fresh spirit into an extraordinary run to promotion. 

And, in our standard features, we look at Nigel Pearson’s Leicester City, continue our reflections on the 1914/15 campaign an catch John Wile and Tony Brown in conversation. 

And when you’ve finished all of that, what you do next is simple. You turn the programme over and start reading it from the back. 


Because for the first time since 1970, we’ve reprinted Jeff Astle’s autobiography, Striker! in its entirety. Yes, that’s right, from soup to nuts, it’s the complete book, the full Jeffrey. If you can find it on ebay, it’ll set you back about £60 these days, so in itself, this is some bargain. 

So that’s Astle’s autobiography and a full Astle programme to boot, 148 glorious pages and all for just £5 – and if that’s not enough, in conjunction with Trinity Mirror, our programme design and printers, we’ll be donating £1 to the Jeff Astle Foundation for each copy sold.

Albion News, the club’s magazine that just happens to come out on matchdays and Astle Days - now on sale at more locations than ever. Stay tuned to for full details.

You know it makes sense.


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