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@Youth Sandwell

@Youth Sandwell is a free open access service for young people of Sandwell aged between 10 and 17. 

The Hubs are run by the young people, giving them a voice for the activities they want to learn about or take part in. 

There is a wealth of sessions available to take part in, from music and cooking to gaming and glow sports. Take a look below to see where you can head to for your next session of fun.


Tuesday 4-6pm - swimming baths – starting on January, 15, 2019

Wednesday 5-7pm - WBA Sports Hall – fun, fitness, sports, games and gaming.

Thursday 5-7pm - Dorothy Parkes Centre – sports, music, cooking, sewing, gaming and arts and crafts.


Wednesday – 5-7pm - Tipton Sports Academy – sports, fitness and gaming.

Wednesday – 7.30 – 9.30pm St Mark's Church – sports, arts and crafts, fitness and food.

Thursday – 6-8pm Malt House Stables – gaming, archery, canoeing, food and sports.


Tuesday – 4-6pm - Action for Children – gaming, sports and arts and crafts.

Friday – 5-7pm – Wednesbury Leisure Centre – sports and swimming.

Friday 4.30pm – 6.30pm – Pulse Leisure Centre – football and sports.

West Bromwich

Monday – 5-7pm - Yew Tree Community Centre – sports, dance and gaming.

Wednesday – 5-7pm - West Bromwich Leisure Centre (girls only) – swimming, sports and fitness.

Thursday – 6.30pm – 8pm – Sandwell College – football and sports.


Friday 5-7pm - Holy Cross Church – sports, dance, fitness and gaming.

Tuesday – 5-7pm - Old Hill Cricket Club – sports, music and arts.

Tuesday – 4-6pm - Black Health Library – arts and music.


Monday 5-7pm Portway Leisure Centre – sports, fitness and gaming.

Wednesday 5-7pm Langley Lodge – sports, arts and crafts, music and gaming.

Thursday 5-7pm Langley Baths – swimming, sports and fitness, starting on January, 17.


To view our Swim Safe information, click here.

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