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The Albion Foundation currently supports offenders at HMP Brinsford aged between 18-24, with participants offered the opportunity to complete a 12 week programme which offers them the chance to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to prepare them for the world of work. 

Participants are also offered support upon their release to assist them to find further opportunities in higher education, apprenticeships and employment.

Aspirational Workshops 

Our aspirational workshops will cover a variety of issues facing young people coming towards the end of their time in school, in an attempt to support them in their decision making in the future. 

The sessions within this programme will cover:

* Aspirations

* Goal setting

* Future job options

* Positive thinking

* Issues in the local community

Positive Mindset Workshops

The Albion Foundation offer positive thinking and mindset workshops to both staff and students.

Positivity has a huge role to play in the wellbeing and development of staff and students and with rising expectations of what people should achieve, it is crucial that staff and students alike are armed with a positive mindset.

A negative attitude in staff and students can block them from moving forward in life and prevent them from learning and growing or obtaining happiness.

Positive thinking and mindset sessions can help your staff and students unlock their true potential, with workshops tailored to length of time and the size of a group.

To find out more about any of the above projects please contact