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Terms & Conditions


1.1 WBA FC Lotteries manages and promotes this as a society lottery. At least 50% of the proceeds of each Lottery are paid to The Albion Foundation a charitable foundation registered in the UK on whose behalf the Lottery is promoted (the “Participating Charity”).
1.2 Each Lottery operates under the Gambling Act 2005 and is licensed by the Gambling Commission. Licence numbers [17/000708/LOTT]

1.3 Players can participate in person at the site of the sporting event or online.
1.4 All entries into and participation in this Lottery are strictly governed by these T&Cs. WBA FC Lotteries reserves the right to amend these T&Cs from time to time. By entering a Lottery, a Player agrees to be bound by the T&Cs in force on the day of entry.
1.5 The current T&Cs are displayed on the Website along with the Game Rules. WBA FC Lotteries will provide a copy of the T&Cs and Game Rules by post if requested to do so on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope.
1.6 Players should play responsibly. Information on how to gamble responsibly and how to access information about, and help in respect of, problem gambling can be found on the Website. Alternatively, information is available from


Capitalised words shall have the following meanings:

  •   “Act” means the Gambling Act 2005;

  •   “App Terms” means the terms and conditions for the use of an ‘app’ released by WBA FC

    Lotteries to enter the Lottery online;

  •   “Authorised Seller” means such person as WBA FC Lotteries has expressly authorised to

    sell Tickets at stadiums or other events;

  •   “Club” means West Bromwich Albion Football Club ;

  •   “Contact Centre” means the WBA FC Lotteries contact centre which can be contacted on


  •   “Draw” means the draw conducted by WBA FC Lotteries to determine the winners of Prizes

    for each Lottery;

  •   “WBA FC Lotteries” means the organisation licensed and responsible for the promotion of

    each Lottery;

  •   “WBA FC Lotteries Platform” means the computer system operated by WBA FC Lotteries or

    its software suppliers or subcontractors for the purpose of registering Online Players,

    accepting entries for the Lotteries and selecting Winning Numbers;

  •   “Excluded Person” means all persons who:

o do not meet the eligibility criteria set out in clause 3.1, at any time are in breach of the warranties in clause 3.4 or the conditions in clause 5.1;

o such other persons (or category of persons) as the Gambling Commission, WBA FC Lotteries or a Participating Charity may specify from time to time as being ineligible to participate in a Lottery; or

o WBA FC Lotteries believes, in its sole discretion, are using technology to gain an unfair advantage over other Players;

 “Game Rules” means the rules which are applicable to playing the Lottery published on WBA FC Lotteriesthe Website;

  •   “Grand Prize(s)” means the top prize in any Lottery. There is one (1) Grand Prize awarded every Lottery. Grand Prizes amount to 30% of the total amount of Proceeds generated through Ticket sales;

  •   “Key Technology Partner” means contractors involved in the development and support of the WBA FC Lotteries Platform;

  •   “Lottery” means the Matchday Superdraw;

  •   “Participating Charity” has the meaning given in clause 1.1;

  •   “Player” means a person who purchases a Ticket in accordance with these T&Cs and who is

    not an Excluded Person;

  •   “Privacy Policy” means the WBA FC Lotteries privacy and data protection policy available

    here: []

  •   “Prize” means the prize monies or non-cash Prizes that may be won by entering a Lottery in

    accordance with these T&Cs and the Rules;

  •   “Prize Capping” means the process that may be applied, as required by the Gambling Commission, to cap Grand Prizes at £400,000;

  •   “Proceeds” means the gross proceeds received by WBA FC Lotteries from the sale of Tickets for a Lottery;

  •   “Supporter Prize(s)” means multiple supporter Prizes that may be added from time to time by WBA FC Lotteries. The number of Supporter Prizes may change every Lottery;

  •   “T&Cs” means these terms and conditions;

  •   “Ticket” means a ticket which is purchased by a Player to participate in a Lottery;

  •   “Ticket Number” means the number displayed on a paper or digital Ticket;

  •   “Website(s)” means the website(s) hosted on the WBA FC Lotteries Platform, being either

    the company site or a unique site dedicated to the Participating Charity; and

  •   “Winning Number” means a number produced by WBA FC Lotteries certified random

    number generator integrated into the WBA FC Lotteries Platform which during the process of selecting the numbers will entitle the holders of a Ticket with a matching Ticket Number to a Prize.


3.1 To enter a Lottery and to be eligible to win a Prize, a person must: (a) be 16 years of age or over;

(b) comply with these T&Cs, the Game Rules, the App Terms (where applicable), any other rules of the Lottery notified by WBA FC Lotteries and any applicable provisions of the Act and any relevant regulations made thereunder from time to time; and

(c) not be an Excluded Person.
3.2 All entry instructions communicated by WBA FC Lotteries shall form part of the Game Rules which are available on the WBA FC LotteriesWebsite.
3.3 In purchasing a Ticket, Players acknowledge and agree that a minimum of 50% of the Ticket price will go to the Participating Charity.
3.4 By purchasing a Ticket, Players warrant that they:

(a) are not a director or an employee of WBA FC Lotteries, the Participating Charity or a Key Technology Partner;

(b) are not a spouse or dependant of any person described in 3.4(a); and

(c) fully understand that any misrepresentation of fact as to the Player’s eligibility, whether intentional or unintentional, will make the Player an Excluded Person and ineligible to win a Prize.

3.5 WBA FC Lotteries will rely on its own technical records when determining whether a Player is eligible to receive a Prize.
3.6 WBA FC Lotteries reserves the right to refuse any entry to the Lottery or to withhold any Prize if it has reasonable grounds to believe that these T&Cs, the Game Rules or any applicable provisions of the Act have not been complied with.


4.1 Players can enter a Lottery either by purchasing a paper Ticket from an Authorised Seller or by purchasing a Ticket using the Website. The price of a Ticket is £2 and will be displayed at the Club’s stadium and on the Website. There are no price discounts for purchasing multiple Tickets.

4.2 Each Ticket will set out a Ticket Number for the Lottery. Prizes will be allocated based on the Ticket Number as set out in clause 6.
4.3 Authorised Sellers may require proof of age or other identification to be shown before a Ticket will be sold. WBA FC Lotteries and each Authorised Seller reserves the right to refuse sales to anyone who they believe is an Excluded Person or is otherwise not eligible under clause 3.1.
4.4 A Ticket will be valid only for the Lottery to be held on the date(s) shown on the face of the Ticket. 4.5 It is the Player’s responsibility to check at the time of purchase that the date of the Draw is as requested.
4.6 Cancellations of paper Tickets are allowed only if a Draw is not carried out. Any cancellation or reversal will need to be completed at the same location and on the same terminal as the original transaction.
4.7 For the avoidance of doubt, a Player may not seek cancellation of a Ticket if the Ticket Number is not to his or her liking. Ticket Numbers are issued at random and not chosen by the Player.

4.8 All online entries are final. Refunds will only be issued to Online Players in the event of an unauthorised use of their payment card. Online Players must notify WBA FC Lotteries by email using the email address registered with their Online Account within 5 hours of a Ticket purchase in order to be eligible for the refund.
4.9 No refunds in any circumstances will be issued after the closing of a Lottery to which the particular Ticket relates. Each Player accepts that if their application for a refund is accepted, their Ticket will be withdrawn from the applicable Lottery and will not be eligible for any Prizes.
4.10 The Player is solely responsible for ensuring that the Ticket remains safe and in a good and legible condition. For Players having participated in the Lottery by purchasing a Ticket from an Authorised Seller, the Ticket is sole evidence of entry into the Lottery and must be in the possession of the Player to enable them to claim a Prize.
4.11 WBA FC Lotteries accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged or defaced Tickets. Prizes will not be awarded where the relevant Ticket cannot be produced.


5.1 It is a condition of entering a Lottery that all Players must be located in Great Britain (for avoidance of doubt, this excludes Northern Ireland). Online Players agree that entering a Lottery or seeking to participate in a Draw whilst located anywhere other than Great Britain is strictly prohibited. In such circumstances:

(a) the Person shall be considered an Excluded Person; and

(b) WBA FC Lotteries has the right to terminate the Player's Online Account and withhold any Prize due.

5.2 In order for WBA FC Lotteries to determine whether an Online Player is eligible to open an Online Account, the Online Player must supply WBA FC Lotteries with certain personal information specified by WBA FC Lotteries (such as their name, home address details, date of birth, payment card details and e-mail address).

5.3 WBA FC Lotteries reserves the right to carry out further checks or request information from Players during, or after registration for an Online Account to verify that the Players and the information supplied by Players meet the eligibility criteria set out in these T&Cs. In carrying out these checks, personal information provided may be disclosed to a third party identification service to perform an identity check and this shall be done in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
5.4 WBA FC Lotteries reserves the right to terminate a Player’s Online Account at any time, at its absolute discretion (for example where WBA FC Lotteries discovers that a Player was not, or is no longer eligible to open an Online Account).
5.5 Upon the termination of the Online Account, any Prize monies held by WBA FC Lotteries on behalf of the Player will be returned to the Player’s bank account or payment card.
5.6 Players may be asked if they wish to be contacted for advertising, promotional and marketing purposes in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If Players wish to be removed from WBA FC Lotteries mailing list, they should click on the unsubscribe link shown on all distributed e-mails or call the Contact Centre.
5.7 Online Players can play by subscription.
5.8 Online entries are final and cannot be cancelled, reversed or refunded within 30 minutes of Winning Numbers being selected.
5.9 Online Players are responsible for keeping their login details secure. Players must inform WBA FC Lotteries immediately of any unauthorised access to an Online Account. Should an Online Player forget their password, the Online Player must follow the instruction details on the registration or login

page in order to obtain a new password.
5.10 Where Online Players are seeking to participate in the Lottery via an application or ‘app’ released by WBA FC Lotteries for this purpose, they will also need to comply with the App Terms.


6.1 The Draws will take place at home matches of the Club. WBA FC Lotteries may also host Draws that run in conjunction with away matches or other events selected by WBA FC Lotteries.
6.2 The results of a Draw will be published on the corresponding Website and a Prize shall only be awarded to a Player holding (in person or online) a Ticket which has the Ticket Number matching one of the selected Winning Numbers by the WBA FC Lotteries Platform as set out in this clause 6. Online Players will be notified automatically to their registered e-mail address if they have won a Prize. Draw

results will also be announced at the Club’s stadium, and the method for announcing these results in- stadium is at the discretion of the Club and the Participating Charity.
6.3 For each Lottery, the Winning Numbers will be chosen sequentially. The Winning Numbers for the Supporter Prizes will be chosen immediately after the drawing of the Grand Prize.

6.4 Subject to this clause 6, where a Ticket Number matches a Winning Number, Prizes will be paid to the holders of Tickets with those matching Ticket Numbers as follows:

(a) If a Winning Number for a Grand Prize is matched by the Ticket Number on a Player’s Ticket, the Player will win a Prize amounting to 30% of the Proceeds; and
(b) If a Winning Number for a Supporter Prize is matched by the Ticket Number on a Player’s Ticket, the Player will win the relevant available prize.

6.5 Players who have won a prize by purchasing a paper Ticket from an Authorised Seller must contact the Contact Centre in order to claim their Prize.
6.6 In any event, WBA FC Lotteries will only pay out Prizes to Players who have won with a paper Ticket by cheque or electronic transfer to a UK bank account after verifying the Player’s identify. The identity details of any bank account nominated to receive Prize winnings must match Player identity details.

6.7 No Prize will be paid on a Ticket that has been forged, altered, damaged or defaced in any way. 6.8 No Prize will be paid on a Ticket that fails WBA FC Lotteries validation process.
6.9 Online Players will be eligible to receive Prizes up to £2,000 back onto the payment card that is registered on their Online Account, or to a bank account matching their Player registration details. 6.10 Online Players who are eligible for Prizes greater than £2,000 must contact WBA FC Lotteries by the Contact Centre. Prizes will be paid out by cheque or electronic transfer to a UK bank account upon verification of the Player’s identify.

6.11 Where Prize Capping is required to comply with UK Gambling Commission regulations, the level of the Prizes will be adjusted accordingly by WBA FC Lotteries.
6.12 Any Player with a winning Ticket may be required to provide such proof of their identity, age and compliance with these T&Cs as WBA FC Lotteries shall require before the Prize payment is made. 6.13 Where a Prize is paid to an Excluded Person, a person in breach of these T&Cs or is otherwise paid in error, the Prize must be repaid immediately to WBA FC Lotteries.

6.14 WBA FC Lotteries shall provide the Prize payment to a winning Player within fifteen (15) business days of receiving satisfactory proof of the Player’s identity. WBA FC Lotteries will not be liable for late payment resulting from inaccuracies of payment details provided by a Player or any rejection of payment caused by the Player’s bank. Prizes must be claimed no later than 12.00pm on the 90th day following the day of the Draw. Any Prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited and donated to the Participating Charity.
6.15 Each winning Player is responsible for paying any and all taxes on any Prize won.
6.16 Except when required to do so by law, or for the purpose of publicising unclaimed Prizes, WBA FC Lotteries will not make public information about Prize winners without first obtaining their written consent.


7.1 Players may not purchase Tickets of a value of more than £20 for any one Lottery. Online Players may reduce these limits at their discretion. A reduction will take effect immediately; any subsequent increase requested by the Online Player will be subject to a 24 hour long cooling off period.
7.2 Should a Player’s payment card be lost, the Player shall be required to contact the Contact Centre. Should the Player’s payment card expire the Player may update their payment card details

through their Online Account.
7.3 A Player may close an Online Account at any time. Players may close their Online Account using the 'Close Account' function, or alternatively calling the Contact Centre to confirm the closure of the account verbally. WBA FC Lotteries reserves the right to retain personal details for its own reasonable legal, regulatory and operational purposes after an account is closed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Reasons may include, but are not limited to, compliance with anti-money laundering legislation and any other record keeping requirements for legal or regulatory compliance.


8.1 Any Player has the option to notify WBA FC Lotteries at any time that they wish to be excluded from purchasing Tickets for future Draws by visiting the Website. For Online Players at the start of the period of self-exclusion, their Online Account will be suspended.

8.2 Players may choose the length of the period during which they will be excluded from purchasing Tickets (the “Excluded Term”), subject to a minimum period of six months. During the Exclusion Term, Online Players will not be permitted to access their Online Account or to purchase any Tickets using that account.

8.3 WBA FC Lotteries will not contact the Player at the expiration of the Exclusion Term. The Player may reinstate their Online Account by sending an email to []; a cooling- off period of one week will be imposed by WBA FC Lotteries before the Online Account becomes active.

8.4 The Player may choose to enter another Excluded Term at any time.
8.5 Players who have opted to self-exclude under this clause 8 will not receive marketing materials from WBA FC Lotteries.
8.6 A Player may also use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any marketing email to stop any further marketing communications.


9.1 Nothing in these T&Cs shall exclude or limit WBA FC Lotteries liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or death or personal injury resulting from WBA FC Lotteries negligence or for any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.
9.2 WBA FC Lotteries will not be liable for any loss or damage (including the loss of opportunity to enter a Lottery and/or right to receive a Prize) suffered by a Player if such Player has not complied with the Game Rules and these T&Cs.
9.3 Subject to clause 9.1, neither WBA FC Lotteries nor any of the Participating Charity or the Club shall be liable in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence) or otherwise in connection with the Lotteries for:
(a) loss of revenue, contract, profits, business or anticipated savings or loss of data;
(b) any special or indirect or consequential losses;
(c) any loss of goodwill or reputation; or
(d) the loss of opportunity to enter a Lottery and/or right to receive a Prize.
9.4 Subject to clause 9.1, WBA FC Lotteries liability to any Player shall be limited to the amount of any Prize which may have become due to that Player.
9.5 WBA FC Lotteries makes no warranty, representation or guarantee that use of the Websites, telephone system, broadcast or live transmission will be uninterrupted, timely and/or error-free.
9.6 Where the Website contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for the Player’s information only. Such links should not be interpreted as approval by WBA FC Lotteries of those linked websites or information a Player may obtain from them. WBA FC Lotteries has no control over the contents of those sites or resources.
9.7 Nothing contained in these T&Cs shall affect the statutory rights of any Player.


10.1 WBA FC Lotteries may terminate, vary or suspend the provision of the Lottery or access to an Online Account without prior notice:

(a) on breach of these T&Cs or the Game Rules; or
(b) for maintenance work required to upgrade or update the WBA FC Lotteries Platform; or (c) if WBA FC Lotteries ceases to offer Lotteries; or
(d) for any other reason at WBA FC Lotteries reasonable discretion.

10.2 On termination of an Online Account, WBA FC Lotteries will return to the Player any outstanding winnings, details of which are held by WBA FC Lotteries on the WBA FC Lotteries Platform in respect to that Player.
10.3 If a Player informs any bank that unauthorised use of a payment card has been undertaken in relation to an Online Account and the bank requests that the relevant sums be returned by WBA FC Lotteries to the relevant Player's bank account or payment card, WBA FC Lotteries will suspend the Online Account and ask the Player to contact the Contact Centre.

10.4 It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure that the information supplied by the Player is accurate and up to date.


11.1 Any complaints relating to WBA FC Lotteries or any Lottery should be filed by phone, email or post. It is necessary to make any complaint relating to a particular Lottery within 3 (three) months after the relevant Lottery date and records of complaints will be kept by WBA FC Lotteries for 3 (three) years.
11.2 The complaints procedure consists of 4 (four) stages:

11.2.1 Stage 1—Acknowledgement & Resolution: WBA FC Lotteries handles any complaint immediately, which will be formally recorded by WBA FC Lotteries as soon as possible. WBA FC Lotteries aims to respond to complaints within 5 (five) working days.
11.2.2 Stage 2—Discovery: If the complaint is not resolved at Stage 1, the handler will escalate the complaint to senior management.

11.2.3 Stage 3—Outcome & Actions Taken: A senior staff member will investigate and respond to the complaint advising of the outcome of the complaint and any action taken as a result of the investigation. If unresolved, the complaint will be referred to the Managing Director of WBA FC Lotteries. The customer will be informed that the complaint has been escalated to the Managing Director. WBA FC Lotteries aims to complete this stage within 5

(five) additional working days.
11.2.4 Stage 4—Alternative Dispute Resolution: If the resolution of the complaint is not satisfactory at Stage 3, Players can require that WBA FC Lotteries submit to mediation with Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) (Tel: 020 7347 5883 or adjudication@ibas- to resolve the dispute for which both parties are required to participate which provides a mediation process that can be followed at no cost to the Player. The mediator will report on the outcome of the dispute to the UK Gambling Commission and WBA FC Lotteries will abide by the mediator’s decision or recommendations.


The Player acknowledges that, as between the Player and WBA FC Lotteries, all intellectual property rights in the Lottery throughout the world belong to WBA FC Lotteries and its affiliates, and that the Player has no intellectual property rights in, or to, any Lottery, the Website or the WBA FC Lotteries Platform.


All information provided by Players to WBA FC Lotteries for the purposes of the Lottery will be stored, managed and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy which forms part of these T&Cs.

For the purposes of this clause, “Privacy Policy” means the WBA FC Lotteries privacy and data protection policy available here: []


These T&Cs are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts. However, if a Player lives in Scotland, the Player can bring legal proceedings in in either the Scottish or the English courts.


All monies sourced from digital payments and cash payments that are managed by WBA FC Lotteries on behalf of the Participating Charity and Players are held in nominated accounts, which are insured against insolvency. In the event that WBA FC Lotteries is declared insolvent, these funds are protected and the creditors of WBA FC Lotteries will have no recourse to the funds. This meets the UK Gambling Commission’s classification of High Protection with respect to holding Player funds, details of which can be found here: rights/Protection-of-customer-funds.aspx