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Complaints Procedure

The Albion Foundation School encourages open and constructive discussions and communications with both young people and parents/carers.

We welcome any suggestions and we take all complaints seriously and handle with careful consideration.

All correspondence relating to a complaint will be kept confidential although these may be shared and made available to OfSTED when the school is inspected.

The policy has been formulated taking into account the requirements of the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2003.

"What should I do if I have a complaint?"

If you have a concern or complaint then please let us know.

'Complaints' differ to 'concerns' which should be dealt with informally and complaints subject to a formal procedure i.e. cannot be easily resolved by the intervention of a Senior Manager.

This policy concerns complaints from parents / carers, pupils and others.

At The Albion Foundation School the Education and Inclusion Manager is the nominated person appointed as Complaints Co-ordinator.

This policy does not cover complaints from members of staff as these are covered by the School's grievance procedure.

The procedure is staged and our hope that issues will be resolved quickly and informally.

However, the policy also provides a clear procedure that can be followed in situations where a parent/carer feels this has not been possible.

There are three possible stages:

Stage 1 – Informal Procedure

If there is any aspect of your child's time at The Albion Foundation School that you are not happy with, please contact us immediately and we will endeavour to arrive at a resolution that is satisfactory for all involved.

Full contact details are available at the end of this policy.

First point of contact for you would be the person who is most closely connected to the issue and can be contacted by either email, telephone or letter.

In most cases it is likely that this member of staff will be able to resolve the issue raised themselves or by consulting with another member of the management team.

If a resolution is not found within 10 working days (during term time) then you may wish to proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2 – Formal Procedure

If the issue cannot be resolved using Stage 1, you should make your complaint in writing to Education and Inclusion Manager.

Upon receipt of a written complaint we would endeavour to contact you within 3 days (during term time) to acknowledge receipt of letter and inform you of the procedure that we will follow in order to resolve the complaint.

The Education and Inclusion Manager will need to discuss the matter with relevant staff and/or students to carry out necessary investigations and give the matter full and detailed consideration with the input of senior colleagues.

The outcome of this will be communicated in writing within 7 working days and will offer reasoning alongside proposed or taken actions.

Written records will be kept of all aspects of the investigation/complaint and will be held with the highest confidentiality.

If the parent/carer is not satisfied with the decision, they should proceed to stage 3

Stage 3 – Independent Panel Hearing

Complainants who are not satisfied by the school's decision regarding the complaint must write to the school within 10 working days and request that your complaint if further considered by an independent panel.

On receipt of this letter the Director will be responsible for the appointment of a panel and you will be contacted to arrange a suitable meeting time, ideally within 10 working days (term time).

The meeting time and venue will be confirmed in writing once agreed.

The panel will consist of 3 people not directly involved in the matter, however they will be connected to the school (e.g. Senior Manager's, Trustees, representatives from the Governing Body).

Parents/carers are entitled to bring along appropriate accompaniment should they wish.

Minutes will be taken by the Chair of the panel and parents/ carers will be notified within 10 working days of the result of this meeting.

Contact Details:

The Albion Foundation School,
Brasshouse Lane,
West Midlands,
B66 1BA.

Tel: 0871 271 9840

Head of School: Anna Pincher, Head of Education and Safeguarding Tel : 0871 271 9840
Email :

Nominated Complaints Co-ordinator: Marc Brady, Head of Operations Tel : 0871 271 9840
Email :