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Meet the team

Rob Lake – Director -

Anna Pincher – Head of Safeguarding and Education -

Dave Lawrence – Head of Sport -

Paul Glover – Head of Disability -

Hayley James - Head of Engagement & Funding -

Shin Aujla - Head of Operations -

Rebecca Jennings – Finance Officer

Debbie Digger - Facilities Administrator

Jack Stenson - Operations Administrator

Charlie Gough – Operations Administrator

Steve Winston - Operations Administrator

Ross Glasgow - Sports Hall Duty Officer

Curtis Griffith - Sports Hall Assistant

Craig Punfield – Media and Marketing Officer

Elliott Dalton – Media and Marketing Coordinator

Jonathan Ward - Head of Partnerships and Events

Adrian Dove – Football Development Officer
Richard Holmes – Premier League Primary Stars Officer
Chris McCoy - Post-16 Coordinator
Balvinder Shekhon - WBA Foundation U19s Lead
Liam Wall – Post-16 Schools Coordinator
Chris Foreman - Coach and Curriculum Devlopment Officer
Lauren Affron - PL Girls Officer
Sam Whitmore - Player Development Academy Coordinator
Andy Foreman - Community Coach
Andy Oates - Community Coach
Luke Sidaway - Community Coach
Tom Turton - Community Coach
Lee Meacham - Community Coach
Jake Locke - Community Coach
Andy Oates - Community Coach
Dejon Hylton - Community Coach
Josh Bird - Community Coach
Lewis Sandbrook-Hinton - Community Coach
Luke Nash - Community Coach
Craig Wilson - Community Coach
Daniel Wyatt - Community Coach
Malique Edwards - Community Coach
Jonathan James - Community Coach
Emily Miles - Community Coach
Satish Kumar - Community Coach
Craig Wilson - Community Coach
Macauley Bishop - Community Coach
Daniel Goddard - Community Coach
Greg Burgess - Community Coach
Mitch Jones - Community Coach
Reuben Uppal - Community Coach
Josh Uppal - Community Coach
Jack Partridge - Community Coach
Sam New - Community Coach
Corey Johnson - Community Coach
Elliott Massingham - Community Coach
Jamie Shelley-Ewan - Community Coach
Joshua Wall - Community Coach
Liam Jones - Community Coach
Rueben Bowen - Community Coach
Stephen Duffy - Community Coach
Tom Johns - University Placement Community Coach

Craig Bannister – Inclusion Manager

Erin Hicken – Schools Manager

Jordan Hoyle – Primary Teacher

Ben Woodvine - NCS Coordinator

Laura Northall - Senior Inspire Coach

Dean Burton - Senior Inspire Coach

Gemma Hamill-Moss – Senior Inspire Coach

Kane Bailey-Hamilton - Inspire Coach

Peaches Campbell - Inspire Coach

Delano Robinson - Inspire Coach

Jayne Norton - Inspire Coach

Paul Hunt – Senior Disability Development Officer

Ajay Gill – Disability Post 16 Development Officer

Conor Brogan - Disability Schools Coordinator

Chris Winston - Disability Coach

Chris Price - Disability Coach

Richard Henderson - Disability Coach

Dave Moore - Disability Coach

Lucy Moore - Disability Coach

Natalie Dingley - Disability Coach

Sam Heath - Disability Coach

Stuart Walton - Disability Coach

Harry Smith - Disability Coach

Dave Lewis - Powerchair Coach

Gurdial Singh - Supporter Engagement Officer

Lyndsey Wyse - @Youth Coordinator

Paul Blagrove - Kicks Coordinator

Josh Wright - Go Play Coordinator and Impact Officer

Katie Grainger - School Engagement Coordinator

Francesca Crewe - Engagement Officer

Terrell Mullings - Engagement Coach

Lauren Holden - Engagement Coach

Clive Allen - Basketball Coordinator

Nathan Gittens - Basketball Engagement Coach

Anna Pincher - Head of Safeguarding - 07808 640091

Craig Bannister - 07702 369602